VideoSlam featured on the Appstore Featured Best New App worldwide.
VideoSlam featured on Tech Crunch A fast-moving summary of a point in time...Quickly assemble a video of your moments with little effort... re-imagine how we can explore the past.
VideoSlam featured on MacWorld Automatically whip up a "day in the life" composite video from clips that might otherwise stay trapped in your phone... Handy for travelers, creative folks, instant event recaps, video blogging, and more.
It's awesome: I can create a super fast moving snapshot of my trip to Tokyo that compresses an entire day into three seconds.
I'm recording a day in the life video series on local beat makers. VideoSlam is a great way to share sneak peeks as we shoot.
VideoSlam turned my week of holiday to Mallorca into a 1.5 min clip that was simply perfect. Zero effort required, perfect length videos, made my family happy.
We shoot so many photos and videos! VideoSlam finds your stories and throws them back at you at exhilarating speed.

Grab days, weeks and months of photos and videos in 1 tap with VideoSlam's Smart Select

Assembles in seconds what takes hours with an editor, ready to share.


At super fast speed watch your moments flash back before your eyes.

Add time, date and location through themes.

Remember to film!
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